Special Meeting

Preparation Meeting for the 21st ASEAN Summit

The Senior Officials Meeting considered the draft ASEAN human rights convention and removed the right to freedom of association (Article 24 of the September 2012 Draft) and added a paragraph to the preamble affirming efforts to advance women and eliminate violence against women.

Activity Report from AICHR Representative for Indonesia

Attended by civil society and government representatives. The Indonesian Representative outlined AICHR work to date, discussed the challenges posed by the different member states' understandings and willingness to commit to human rights, and answered questions regarding the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration.

8th Meeting of AICHR on the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration

AICHR concluded the formulation of the AICHR Priority Programmes/Activities for 2013 with its indicative annual budget and the concept papers as well as budget on the two trainings that will be implemented by the Representative of Thailand.AICHR discussed the inputs from the ASEAN Sectoral Bodies for the further improvement...

6th Meeting of AICHR on the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration

AICHR continued discussions on the draft Declaration. It debated the notion of national and regional particularities , the limitation on rights, balancing rights with duties and responsibilities, and the protection of vulnerable and marginalized groups. AICHR also prepared for the first Regional Consultation with civil society organizations in...

Coordination Meeting on CSR Thematic Study

AICHR determined the Thematic Study on Corporate Social Responsibility's framework, methodology and timeframe. National focal points are to submit their national study to Study Team Member (STM) on July 20, 2012. This will be a consolidated into a comprehensive report taking into account inputs from all member states.

2nd Meeting of ACMW Drafting Team

Indonesia and the Philippines were tasked with developing an initial draft based on the Outline agreed upon in the first ACMW-DT meeting.

1st Meeting of ACMW Drafting Team

The ACMW-DT agreed upon an outline for an ASEAN instrument on migrant workers which was the result of recommendations of a ACMW workshop held in Manila.

ACWC Special Session on the Finalisation of the 5-year Work plan

ACWC finalized its 5-year work plan and discussed the establishment a mechanism for collaborating with third parties (e.g., UN bodies, regional and international organisations).

ACWC Informal Meeting

ACWC discussed their five-year work plan, priority issues and the Rules of Procedures.