Special Meeting

5th Meeting of ACMW Drafting Team

The ACWC DT agreed to create a zero draft instrument on migrant worker rights involving the following 7 elements: ' The definition of undocumented Migrant Workers will be included in brackets and discussed during phase 2 of the negotiations over the instrument ' The ASEAN Secretariat will...

2nd Meeting of ACMW Drafting Team

Indonesia and the Philippines were tasked with developing an initial draft based on the Outline agreed upon in the first ACMW-DT meeting.

1st Meeting of ACMW Drafting Team

The ACMW-DT agreed upon an outline for an ASEAN instrument on migrant workers which was the result of recommendations of a ACMW workshop held in Manila.

ACWC Special Session on the Finalisation of the 5-year Work plan

ACWC finalized its 5-year work plan and discussed the establishment a mechanism for collaborating with third parties (e.g., UN bodies, regional and international organisations).

ACWC Informal Meeting

ACWC discussed their five-year work plan, priority issues and the Rules of Procedures.