6th Meeting of the Drafting Group of the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration

January 4, 2012 - January 6, 2012

The Drafting Group accepted the declaration title, ASEAN Human Rights Declaration’ (AHRD) and finalized a working document that included the following:

– Preamble section contains: the principles, background, purpose and shared vision of ASEAN on human rights

– General Principles section which contains:

o freedoms and fundamental rights of the individual and his or her duties and obligations

o Duties and obligations of ASEAN countries and corporations

o The limitations/boundaries of the rights and freedoms

– The inclusion of the Right to Peace and the Right to Development

– The recognition of vulnerable groups in ASEAN

– Human rights cooperation among ASEAN countries on the area of education, public awareness, capacity building, promotion of ASEAN in the implementation of human rights instruments

– Noting of the differences in opinion between the different ASEAN countries on the interpretation of human rights and use of certain terminology