Statement on the Arbitrary Detention of 11 Marchers of the Energy Walk

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    4 leaders and 7 supporters of the Partnership on Energy Reform – a platform of people proposing energy reforms to Thailand’s energy sector – were arrested on 20th August whilst on their campaign walk, entitled The Energy Walk.

    4 leaders and 7 supporters of the Partnership on Energy Reform – a platform of people proposing energy reforms to Thailand’s energy sector – were arrested on 20th August whilst on their campaign walk, entitled The Energy Walk. The 4 leaders are MD. Supat Hasuwannakit, Director of Jana Hospital in Songkhla; Mr. Sakkamol Sangdara, Andaman Foundation Coordinator; Mr. Prasitthichai Nhoo-naul, an independent academic on environmental issues and Coordinator of the Network for the Protection of Nakhon Si Thamarat’s Food Resources; and Mr.Visuthi Thongyoy. The 11 marchers were arrested in Khuha Subdistrict, Rattaphum District, Songkhla Province. These marchers have been arbitrarily detained since their arrest at Senanarong army camp, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province. The motive for arrest was the group’s violation of National Council for Peace and Order’s Order No. 7/2557 “to ban any gathering of five people and upwards and to inflict imprisonment of no more than one year and a fine not exceeding 20,000 baht or both for violation of such command.” Meanwhile, 4 members of the Partnership on Energy Reform are continuing the walk.

    The Partnership on Energy Reform has been carrying out an awareness campaign on the energy sector to provide people with all the facts they need to form an informed opinion, instead of only relying on selective information. The Energy Walk campaign thus aims to give people information about Thailand’s energy sector and its needs for reform. This Energy Walk is therefore a non-partisan awareness raising campaign.

    As repeatedly expressed by the leaders of the Energy Walk, this peaceful campaign is non-political and does not pose a threat to peace and order. This march is in no way a threat to national security as it doesn’t incite to public disorder. The participants are there to disseminate information and show their commitment to the energy reform proposals for the National Council for Peace and Order that the marchers are carrying. 

    Finally, we emphasise that International Human Rights Law prohibits emergency measures that would violate people’s Human Rights.  As International Law, to which Thailand is committed, states that “any measure by the government can only restrict certain rights to an extent strictly necessary to meet a specific threat to the life of the nation.” As the Energy Walk is in no way a threat to the life of the nation, we see that the arbitrary detention of these marchers is illegitimately confiscating their right to move freely and perform awareness raising activities. The detention of any person because of their peaceful and good intentions to educate the public is a serious and excessive violation of their rights and liberties, which are guaranteed under International Law.

    We call on the National Council for Peace and Order to:

    Order the immediate and unconditional release of all 11 marchers, namely Ms.Kannika Phae-kaew, Ms.Vilaiporn Kosaiyakanont, Mr.Prasitthichai Nhoo-naul, Mr.Sakkamol Sangdara ,Mr.Visuthi Thongyoy, Mr.Anupol Kong-aiet, Mr.Chephadorn Chantrhom, MD. Supat Hasuwannakit, Mr.Sitthipong Sungsret, Mr. Promsak Jitjum, Mr. Theephadon Namsakhundjandon, and Mr.Ekkasit Benjasutanarong

    Organisation/s Involved

    1. Justice for Peace Foundation, Thailand
    2. People’s Empowerment Foundation, Thailand
    3. Community Resource Centre, Thailand
    4. Consumers’ Association of Songkhla
    5. Consumers Foundation
    6. Suratthani Consumers’ Network
    7. Southern Thailand Consumers’ Network
    8. Civil Society Network of Chumphron
    9. Network of Eight Thai Mekong Provinces
    10. Network of Community Based Organizations in Seven Provinces of Northeastern Thailand
    11. Thai Sea Watch Association
    12. Thungtamsoa Habitat Conservation Network
    13. Federation of The Folk Fishery’s Associations of Thailand
    14. Northern Development Foundation
    15. Northern Thailand Land Reform Network
    16. Northern Thailand NGOs’ Collective Fund
    17. Southern Thailand NGOs’ Collective Fund
    18. Chana Habitat Conservation Network
    19. Thasala Hometown Conservation Network
    20. Thai Climate Justice Working Group
    21. Northern NGOs Coordination on Rural Development
    22. Southern NGOs Coordinating Committee on Development
    23. Southern NGOs Coordinating Committee on Development
    24. NGOs Coordinating Committee on Development
    25. Organic and Folk Fishing Project
    26. Rayong Provincial Small Scale Fishing Folk Association
    27. Songkhla Citizens’ Network
    28. Thai Network of Mineral Owners
    29. North-Eastern Natural Resources and Environment Network
    30. E-san Human Rights and Peace Information Centre
    31. Legal centre for Human Rights and Social Justice
    32. Cultural Ecology Study Group
    33. Community-based Alternative Media for Social Justice
    34. Project for a Campaign for Public Policy on Mineral Resources
    35. Khuha Community Right School
    36. Lanhoysiab Folk University
    37. Rattaphum-Kaungneing People’s Council
    38. Songkhla Community Rights Foundation
    39. Krabi Network for A Campaign Against Coal
    40. Ecology Protect Network for Samui-Phangan-Tao Islands
    41. Strong Family Group of Chana district in Songkhla Province
    42. Tam-Mun Project
    43. Network of Community Protection of Trang Province
    44. Stateless Watch
    45. Pattani Province Small-Scale Fisher Network Association
    46. Health System Management Institute of Prince of Songkhla University
    47. Asia Pacific Forum on Women , Law and Development (APWLD)
    48. GABRIELA National Alliance of Filipino Women, Philippines
    49. Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM), Malaysia
    50. Protection International
    51. Asia-Pacific Solidarity Coalition (APSOC)
    52. MARUAH, Singapore

    How to Support The Campaign

    For more information, please contact:

    Mr. Ekkachai  Itsaratha  Tel +0869578081 ( Thai )
    Sor . Rattanamaneepolkla Tel +0817725843 ( English )