[UN Women] Photographer

    Apply by: May 15, 2015
    Organization: UN Women

    I. Background

    UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. A global champion for women and girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide. UN Women, among other issues, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; empowerment of women; and achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of the development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security.

    UN Women Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific invites quotes from qualified individials for photographic documentation from 01 May 2015 – 30 April 2016 and Communications Units will support ROAP on communications and disseminations of ongoing campaigns and programmes through traditional media, website, social media, events and materialism as needed.

    II. Scope of Works and Specific Tasks

    The consultant will work with UN Women Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP), including the Regional Programme staff and Communications focal points to develop a photo bank of images on regional Flicker account and the UN Women Digital Assets Management System (DAMS). The main activities of the consultancy will include special events at the regional levels. These include high – level visits of senior officer at the Under – Secretary-General, Assistant-Secretary-General, Executive Board, Member State representatives, or ministerial levels. Furthermore, UN Women ROAP seeks to document its regional and country programme priorities. In this regard, the consultant will work with UN Women, when required, to visit projects and provide professional photographic coverage of different UN Women-related activities in digital format.

    The Consultant will work closely with UN Women to perform the following tasks:

    • To provide digital colour photographic coverage for UN Women ROAP promotional materials, website, publications, social media platforms and campaign during the contract durationa;
    • The photos should be of high quality and resolution so that they can be used for various purposes including on large posters;
    • Large image files must be compressed to transmit efficiently. Digital originals, images should be shot at the highest possible resolution that the camera permits

    III. Duration of Assignment and Duty Station

    The time required for the consultancy is estimated at 60 working days within the period form 1 June 2015 to 31 May  2016. For upcountry and overseas assignments, UN Women will be responsible for the accomodation and travel expenses if any cost incurred during assignment period.

    IV. Contract Supervision

    The consultant will work under the direct supervision of Programme Manager and/or Regional Communications Specialist, UN Women Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific who will be responsible for the quality assurance of the deliverables.

    V. Final Product and Deliverables

    • Photos of key events and side events of the UN Women Regional Events
    • Catalogued key photos

    Specific requirements for photo submission:

    • Colour
    • In electronic form on CD or flash-card
    • Format of electronic pictures: JPEG, maximum TIFF, BMP, PNG
    • Colors: minimum RGB, maximum CMYK
    • Resolution: high (minimum 600 dpi scale up to A1 size) that will be of an internationall acceptable standard
    • Pixel dimension: 1600 X 900 dpi
    • For every special event photographed  throughout the contract period, on the same day, a minimum of 50 clcour digital images in high resolution shot as a RAW file (300 pixles/inch: minimum size 3000 x 2000 pixles;) and the same selection in lower resolution (1000 pixels longer edge, JPEG format) will be delivered to UN Women ROAP
    • Within five days of shooting for the purposes of providing photos for publications, promotional materials, website or campaigns, a complete set of images (min 100 per day) shot as a RAW file (300 pixels/inch: minimum size 3000 x 2000 pixels), saved chronologically.
    • All digital photographs must contain complete caption information in the “file info” and separate word format captions list. Caption information should consist of: date, place, subject names and age, and brief description of the situation photographed
    • The sets of digital images will be delivered on CDs and/or DVDs together with caption information and one set will be emailed via dropbox.

    For Print Size of                              At A resolution of:               = pixel dimension               =bytes (with zero compression)

    3×2 inches/7.62×5.1cm                   300 dpt (print)                         900x600px                                       1.56 MB

                                                                 72 dpi (web)                            216x415px                                        92 KB

    11×7.35 inches/28×18.73cm           300 dpi (print)                         3300×2257 px                                  20.9 MB

                                                                   72 dpi                                     794 x 531 px                                      1.21 MB


    • UN Women has non – exclusive world rights in perpetuity;
    • UN Women should be permitted to use images in all countries without a time limit. One exception is for photos of UN Women Goodwill Ambassadors, for which UN Women will contract to retain exclusive rights in perpetuity. Photographers may be allowed to use approved photos only in their portfolios and with UN Women’s written permission.
    • Before the consultant moves any photographs on the wire or uploads them to an online Image Database as photo essay, she/he should contact UN Women to obtain consent;
    • UN Women can provide photographs to other UN organizati ons or the media at no cost, as is the practice.

    Key Duties and Responsibilities

    • Successfully  capture  and  emotionally  express  the  core  elements  of  the  situation  assigned for coverage;
    • Cover a range of related subjects (different components of  events/activities, as well  as  general  photographs  that  illustrate  the  real,  positive  and  negative,  situation  of women and girls);
    • Provide different visual perspectives (close-up, medium range, long distance), in both horizontal and vertical formats;
    • Make sure pictures are technically good (properly exposed, processed and framed);
    • Supply all  photographic  equipment,  professional  digital  camera  and  a  range  of accessories, and agrees to provide rough edit selections of best images, with complete  caption information;
    • Supply complete caption information imbedded on the picture and in word document running  caption  list  that  references  the  file  name  of  each  image,  with  appropriate background information. All subjects should be identified by what they do, if not self-evident.  Names  for  all  people  are  NOT  necessary.  Names  of  places  are  essential, including whether the location is a village, town, district, for instance;
    • Undertake field trips to ensure the coverage of special events/activities at the country level. UN Women will undertake all the necessary travel arrangements;
    • All digital images together with complete caption information should be submitted to UN  Women  ROAP in  a  maximum  one-week  time  for  publications  and  same  day  for special events;
    • Consultant has the right to be credited, implying that their name should accompany  all originals and reproductions of their work;
    • UN Women has first selection rights to all originals taken on this assignment with non-exclusive concomitant world rights in all media in perpetuity.

    UN Women will provide the following support to the consultant:

    • Briefing and detailed explanation of the kind of photos needed and help in defining  the best contents of photos for different purposes;
    • Assistance in acquiring access to specific locations in the form ofa letter confirming that the consultantis on an assignment commissioned by UN Women.

    Payment in full upon final submission and satisfactory deliverables of each event.


    • Thai nationality with Bachelor’s degree in any field
    • At least 5 years working experience in photographing  with a record of providing high-quality, creative, images for clients.
    • High level of creativity and initiative
    • Have own camera and other photography equipment
    • Experience capturing images for development organizations e.g NGO, UN Agencies, etc.,is an asset.
    • Certain familiarity with development programmes/issues is an asset.
    • Flexibility and ability to work outside Bangkok and abroad is an advantage
    • Ability to communicate in English is an asset.

    Interested applicants are requested to submit documents listed below to UN Women  via email:  [email protected]

    • Updated CV and P.11
    • Proposed lump sum professional fee per day

    Deadline of submission:
    15 May 2015
    The shortlisted candidates will be requested to show his/her portfolio.

    *Remark (to be stipulated in the contract): The individual contractor can only be engaged through  issuance of ATLAS Purchase Order, based on agreed contract, every time UN Women wishes to render the  service.

    www.unwomen-asiapacific.org http://www.unwomen-asiapacific.org/docs/tor/2015/ROAP/20150501_ROAP_Generic_TOR_Photographer.pdf