Senior Officer AIPA, ASEAN Foundation, AICHR and Entities Associated With ASEAN

    Apply by: May 15, 2015
    Organization: ASEAN

    The  Association  of  Southeast  Asian  Nations  (ASEAN)  Secretariat  is  the  nerve centre  of  ASEAN, a regional inter – governmental organisation founded in 1967, to promote peace  and  stability,  sustained  economic  growth,  shared  prosperity  and  social  progress.  It comprises the ten countries of Southeast Asia.

    The  entry  into  force  of  the  ASEAN  Charter  on  15  December  2008  had  provided  new impetus  to  ASEAN’s  integration  efforts  by establishing  a  legal  and  institutional framework required to achieve the ASEAN Community by 2015. This includes the newly approved  organisational  structure  of  the  ASEAN  Secretariat that  is  aligned  to  the requirements  of  the  Charter  and  the  three  Blueprints  of  the  ASEAN  Political-Security Community  (APSC),  the  ASEAN  Economic  Community  (AEC),  and  the  ASEAN  Socio – Cultural  Community  (ASCC).  The  ASEAN  Secretariat  is  therefore  well  positioned  to provide the necessary functions required to effectively support the community building process under the Charter and the Blueprints.

    Currently the ASEAN Secretariat is looking forqualified candidates to fill the position ofSenior Officer under theAIPA, ASEAN Foundation, AICHR and Entities Associated with ASEAN   (AAAEAA)Division. This   position   shall   work   in   close   cooperation   andconsultation  with,  and  report  directly  to  the  Head  of AIPA,  ASEAN  Foundation,  AICHR and Entities Associated with ASEAN Division. 

    Duties and Responsibilities:
    1.Manage and  monitor the  operational  activities  of  programmes  and  projects implemented  under  the  Five-Year  Work  Plan  2010-2015  of  the  AICHR and subsequent work plans

    • Plan,   coordinate,  implement,   and monitor   strategic   initiatives,   programmes, projects  and  activities  of  the  AICHR,  in  consultation  with  the  Head  of  Division, the Director of the Directorate and the AICHR.
    • Provide    supervision    and    coaching    to    subordinates    to    ensure    timely    and quality output and deliverables in the concerned sectors.
    • Initiate,  coordinate  and  provide  project  management  development  and  supportfor  AICHR  projects  and      programmes,      including      liaison      and      project  coordination      with      project  proponents/  ASEAN  Member      States,      ASEAN  Dialogue      Partners,      other      external  parties/  partners,  and  internal  ASEANSecretariat divisions/units.
    • Manage  relations  and  information  flow  with  ASEAN  Member  States,  ASEAN Dialogue Partners, other external parties/partners,and relevant Divisions within the   ASEAN   Secretariat,   including   preparation   and   submission   of   input   and reports, drafting of speeches and briefing notes/talking points.
    • Prepare    reports    of    meetings,    projects,    and    discussion    papers.
    • Prepare information  materials  and  publications  for  public  dissemination  through  the ASEAN  Websites  and  other  means  in  consultation  with  Public  Outreach  and Civil Society  Division  and  other  relevant  ASEAN  Secretariat  Directorates  and Divisions  to  raise  the  profile  of  the  ASEAN  Intergovernmental  Commission  on Human Rights(AICHR).

    2.   Provide technical advice and recommendations

    • Provide   technical   advice   and   recommendations   in   the   conceptualization  and  management  of  initiatives,  programs,  projects  and  activities  on  humanrights. This will include operational support including preparation and tabling ofconcept    papers    and    proposals,    and    in    the    provision    of    advice    andrecommendations to the AICHR.
    • Provide   input   to   other   Divisions   of   the   ASEAN   Secretariat,   particularly   oncross‐sectoral issues related to human rights.
    • Coordinate  update  of  progress  on  human  rights  issues  in  respect  to  sectoralwork  plans  (and  similar  documents)  including  the  three  ASEAN  CommunityBlueprints, and provide reporting input to the Division.
    • Coordinate  with  the  relevant  Divisions/Desk  Officers  onproject    development,processes  and  on  cross-sectoral  issues  including  the  Strategic  Planning  andCoordination Division.
    • Ensure that financial rules and regulations are adhered to and respected
    • Initiate, develop and negotiate collaborative activities with relevant organizations/external partners.
    • Attend and summarise meetings with external partners.
    • Any other matters as directed by the Division or Directorate.

    3. Service the relevant bodies/organs under the ASEAN structure

    • Represent the ASEAN Secretariat and serve as resource person at Meetings of relevant ASEAN sectoral bodies as well as meetings of other organizations under purview (e.g. as a speaker, facilitator or moderator).
    • Support and contribute to the meetings of relevant ASEAN bodies by ensuring efficient and effective development and production of documents, such as meeting agenda, information and discussion papers, concept papers, project proposals and other communication materials, as well as prepare meeting reports of AICHR or working group level meetings and workshops, as requested.
    • Provide support for the attendance of ASEAN Secretary‐General/Deputy Secretary‐General at meetings/events organized by ASEAN, other international organizations, or Dialogue Partners, which include drafting talking points, briefing notes or speeches thatcover/carry some policy recommendations or  regional responses to issues raised.
    • Coordinate and implementthe follow‐up actions to decisions and agreements made at ASEAN Meetings.
    • Attend and summarise meeting reports of the CPR and CPR-Working Group meetings under relevant agendas.
    • Ensure that the Division is adequately represented at internal or external meetings with the provision of necessary documents, talking points and briefing notes
    • Provide technical support to the Secretariat’s engagement with the AIPA, ASEAN Foundation and Entities Associated with ASEAN activities, where relevant.

    Qualifications and experience:

    • Postgraduate Degree or its equivalent in Public Administration, Human Rights, Social Sciences, Development Studies, International Relations, Project Management, or other appropriate specialist disipline
    • A minimum six [6] years high-level experience in a relevant field, particularly related to a program of this nature in a intergovernmental institution, international organization or international consulting firm. Program development experience in human rights is essential
    • Excellent verbal and written command of the English language, including significant experience in drafting and summarizing reports, writing concept papers, talking points, speeches and project proposals, and in moderating discussions and delivering presentations
    • Experience in identifying training and professional/technical development needs of staff
    • Demonstrated skills in probelm solving, planning and the development of policies and procedures
    • Demonstrated ability to motivate staff and work effectively with people at all levels of the organization.
    • Demonstrated ability to conduct both formal and on the job training, and foster the career development goals of staff
    • Demonstrated sound oral and wrotten communications skills and sound interpersonal skills, including experience in cross – cultural environment and international settings
    • Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain sound working relationships with stakeholders
    • Demonstrated commitment to collaborative work practises
    • Competency in computer skills with adequate knowledge of Microsoft Office and Outlook where relevant to the position
    • Proven ability for accuracy under pressure and adherence to deadlines
    • Excellent command of English, written and spoken
    • Ability to work outside working hours, over weekends and long hours
    • Multitasking skills
    • Human rights experience or knowledge is a pre-requisite for the job

    Remuneration and Benefits

    Successful candidate will be offered an attrractive remuneration package including housing, outpatient medical reinbursement, hospitalization insurance, education of the dependent children and gratuity. Subject to good performance during the probation, the candidate will be offered a fixed term contract of three (3) years, inclusive of the six month probationary period. Succesful candidate is expected to be on-board by 15 July 2015

    How to apply:

    Send your application to [email protected] highlighting your suitability and potential contribution to the position together with a detailed CV, including a recent passport-sized photograph and certified true copies of educational certificates obtained, and completed Employment Application Form, which can be donwloaded at

    Incomplete applications will not be considered.