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ACMW Workshop on the Scope and Coverage & Right of Migrant Workers

ACMW representatives discussed the scope of the Instrument for the implementation of the declaration. The outcome of the workshop was brought to the 1st ACMW-IDT meeting as a summary. Malaysia was not present at this workshop.

1st Meeting of ACMW Drafting Team

The ACMW-DT agreed upon an outline for an ASEAN instrument on migrant workers which was the result of recommendations of a ACMW workshop held in Manila.

2nd Meeting of ACMW Drafting Team

Indonesia and the Philippines were tasked with developing an initial draft based on the Outline agreed upon in the first ACMW-DT meeting.

2nd ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour

The 2nd ASEAN Forum on Migrant and Labour was attended by government representatives from Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam and the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC). Representatives from various international organisations including International Labour Organisation (ILO) and International Organisation for Migration (IOM), non-governmental organisations (NGOs),...

2nd Meeting of ACMW

Discussing terms of reference, work plan, and producing the Zero Draft

3rd Meeting of ACMW

ACMW decided that: a) the instrument on migrant workers rights drafting team should continue its work; b) ACMW would explore innovative approaches to reaching consensus, for example by firstly focusing on common ground amongst the Member States and c) expansion of the drafting team members.

3rd ASEAN Forum on Migrant and Labour

With the theme of with the theme of Enhancing Awareness and Information Services to Protect the Rights of Migrant Workers, the 3rd ASEAN Forum on Migrant and Labour made key recommendations on the implementation of the 2007 Declaration on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of...

21st ASEAN Labour Ministers Meeting

Labour Ministers instructed the Drafting Team to continue its works using innovative approaches to reach consensus and expanding the members of drafting team to include Vietnam and Laos. However, the Labour Ministers also put some conditions on the matter by articulating that the...