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ACWC Dialogue with Civil Society

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4th Meeting ACWC

ACWC discussed implementation of their work plan and welcomed a new Representative from Brunei for child rights, Datin Paduka Hajah Apsah binti Haji Majid, who replaced the former Representative, Datin Hajah Adina Othman.

ACWC Study Visit

ACWC conducted a study tour to the United States of American in order to exchange Information and views on the protection of the rights of women and children in the U.S. and ASEAN member states. ACWC representatives met with senior government officials, members of Congress and UN Agencies, and...

5th Meeting of ACWC

The concept papers (implementation plans) of 12 projects were discussed. During the meeting ACWC met with: - Child representatives from ASEAN Member States who shared the outcomes of the 2nd ASEAN Children's Forum held in June 2012, Singapore- 39 national and regional civil society organisations (CSOs) to...

ACWC Special Session on the Finalisation of the 5-year Work plan

ACWC finalized its 5-year work plan and discussed the establishment a mechanism for collaborating with third parties (e.g., UN bodies, regional and international organisations).

6th ACWC Meeting

Exploring collaboration with ASEAN sectoral bodies. The ACWC will also engage civil society in the implementation of its projects by tapping on their expertise. For this purpose, the Meeting discussed workable mechanisms of civil society engagement in the implementation of the ACWC Work Plan.

ACWC Expert Meeting to Develop a Study Framework on Economic Rights of Women to Land and Property in ASEAN Countries

This meeting obtained expert input on the design and implementation of a mapping of women s economic rights to land and property in the ASEAN Member States. The meeting will be followed up with production of a final study design and

7th ACWC Meeting

The ACWC finalized the Draft Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women (VAW) and Elimination of Violence Against Children (VAC).

1st ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour

The theme for the 1st ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour was, 'Follow-up to the ASEAN Declaration on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers A Way Forward to Operationalizing the Declaration .

1st Meeting of ACMW

The ACMW representatives met for the first time and agreed upon a terms of reference and work plan.