Economic and Social Rights


ASEAN Services Employees Trade Union Council (ASETUC)

The ASEAN Services Employees Trade Union Council (ASETUC) was founded on 27 March 2007 in Kuala Lumpur. ASETUC is a network of trade unions in the ASEAN region to formulate and implement a consolidated trade union response to the fast moving economic and social development in ASEAN. It was created…

Business Watch Indonesia

Business Watch Indonesia is involved in the following areas: nutrition improvement, sustainable agriculture commodity, youth and gender empowerment, climate change, sustainable landscape, and corporate social responsibility.

Education and Research Association for Consumers (ERA Consumers)

ERA Consumer Malaysia is a voluntary, non-profit and non-political organization registered under the Societies Act of Malaysia 1966. It was founded in the state of Perak in 1985 as a research, education, consumer and human rights advocacy group and subsequently expanded into a national organisation, with its base in Kuala…

Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT)

The Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT) is a Cambodian coalition of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) working on fisheries and environmental issues around the Tonle Sap, Coastal and Mekong provinces. FACT mobilizes provincial NGOs and community-based organization (CBOs) to more effectively conduct advocacy programs in response to national policies and development programs, with…

International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development

INFID (International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development) was founded in 1985. INFID is an institution officially recognized and accredited by the United Nations (UN) by awarding it the UN Special Consultation Status with the Economic and Social Council since 2004. INFID has played a pivotal role in shaping Indonesia’s democratization…

SMILE Education and Development Foundation

Smile membership has grown to nearly 1500 young people from different religions and ethnic backgrounds. Smile is committed to effectively utilizing all of leaders and members knowledge and skills to accomplish our organization’s goals and vision. To these ends, the Smile Language team, founded in July 2008, provides free language…

The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Research Center (LPSD)

The Law and Policy of Sustainable Development Research Center is one of the first Non-Governmental Organizations in law and policy research  in Vietnam, implementing scientific activities in Sustainable Development to ensure economic growth, social development, and environmental protection.