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    INFID (International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development) was founded in 1985. INFID is an institution officially recognized and accredited by the United Nations (UN) by awarding it the UN Special Consultation Status with the Economic and Social Council since 2004. INFID has played a pivotal role in shaping Indonesia’s democratization process the time when the country was under the iron grip of Soeharto’s authoritarian rule through a wide range of efforts and proposed regulations, among others on themes related to human rights, freedom of the press, rule of law, labor rights, citizens’ participation and gender equality. From 2000 to 2007, INFID has made all efforts to raise the critical issue on external debt (finance and development) as the main agenda of the government and donor agencies. The Government of Indonesia has imposed a limit to its debt burden of no more than 2% from its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Creditor countries, such as Germany, United States and Italy, have consequentially offered various debt swap schemes.INFID has managed to spearhead and promote the implementation of accountability and openness in development financing (finance and development) in Indonesia. INFID’s biennial thematic conferences (1998-2004) among others highlighted on available data disclosing a 30% leakage in external debt derived from the World Bank for various projects in Indonesia which inevitably spurred changes to the policies and practices of donor agencies and international finance institutions (World Bank).INFID is recognized as the key actor in improving relations of more equal standing (governance and development) between donor and recipient (2000-2007). The dissolution of the donor forum for Indonesia (CGI) in 2007 was a major transformation for Indonesia and donor institutions. Donors have also admitted that INFID’s constant monitoring and oversight have made them become more open, transparent and truthful in assuming their role and function.INFID has succeeded in pushing for the accountability of the Government of Indonesia (2007-2011) (governance and development) pertaining to the achievement of MDG targets by 2015. Official reports from the Government of Indonesia have declared that several targets will remain elusive by 2015.

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