Banda Aceh Legal Aid (LBH Banda Aceh)

    The Banda Aceh Legal Aid Institute (LBH) was established in September 1995 under the name LBH Project Base Aceh based on the mandate of the YLBHI Executive Board. Darwis, S.H. who received the mandate to establish LBH Banda Aceh invited several lawyers in Banda Aceh to be involved in the management. Darwis, SH later became the first Director of LBH Banda Aceh.

    Contact Details


    Jl. Sakti Lorong LBH Banda Aceh No.1, Desa Pango Raya, Ulee Kareng, Banda Aceh 23119 Indonesia

    Phone: +6265122940
    Fax: +626517400023
    Email address: [email protected]
    Contact person: Mustiqal Syah Putra
    Title: Chairperson

    Type of organization: National
    Core issue of the organization: Human Rights, Rule of Law