ASEAN Commission on the Rights of Women and Children

ACWC Work Plan 2012-2016

3rd Meeting ACWC

ACWC welcomed the new Children s Rights Representatives from Lao PDR and Myanmar, Mdm. Baykham Khattiya and Ms. Rupar Mya, respectively. ACWC agreed upon its Rules of Procedure and discussed implementation of its work plan. Singapore suggested the ACWC meet with philanthropists in order to raise funding for...

2nd Meeting ACWC

ACWC discussed its 5-year work plan is currently, finalized its Rules of Procedures for the Commission has been finalised. ACWC met with the Committee of Permanent Representatives to ASEAN (CPR) to update them on ACWC's work. The issue of mechanisms for ACWC to engage with civil society was also...

1st Meeting of ACWC

Mdm. Kanda Vajrabhaya (Thailand) and Mr. Ahmad Taufan Damanik (Indonesia) were elected as the ACWC Chair and Vice-Chair. ACWC identified a number of thematic areas it would focus upon during its first five years: Elimination of violence against women and children; trafficking in women and children; women and children...

ACWC Study Visit

ACWC conducted a study tour to Geneva to meet with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, various UN agencies working on women and child rights, and the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and Committee on the Rights of...

ACWC Indonesia Representative: Consultation with Civil Society Organizations

The ACWC Indonesia Representatives, in preparation for ACWC's 3rd meeting in Solo, held a dialogue with CSO and government institutions.

1st Meeting of ACWC

No information available

ACWC Informal Meeting

ACWC discussed their five-year work plan, priority issues and the Rules of Procedures.