1st Meeting of ACWC

February 16, 2011 - February 18, 2011

Mdm. Kanda Vajrabhaya (Thailand) and Mr. Ahmad Taufan Damanik (Indonesia) were elected as the ACWC Chair and Vice-Chair. ACWC identified a number of thematic areas it would focus upon during its first five years: Elimination of violence against women and children; trafficking in women and children; women and children living with and affected by HIV and AIDS; social impact of climate change on women and children; promotion and protection of the rights of women and children with disabilities; ASEAN and other instruments related to the rights of women and children; child protection system: integrative/comprehensive approach for children in need for social protection; the right to quality education, including Early Childhood Care, Development and Education (ECCDE); the right of children to participate in all affairs that affect them; women participation in politics and decision making, governance and democracy; strengthening economic rights of women with regards to feminization of poverty, women’s right to land and property; promoting implementation of international, gender equality in education (textbook, curriculum, and equal access); strengthening institutional capacities of ACWC; and promotion of consultation and dialogue with stakeholders at national and regional levels.