[REPORT] Timor Leste: Internet Freedoms Under Threat

Author: The Asia Centre
Country: Thailand

The Asia Centre has recently published a report entitled Timor-Leste: Internet Freedoms Under Threat”, followed by an op-ed piece entitled Timor-Leste’s internet freedoms at risk” in the Jakarta Post, and the UPR submission “Internet Freedoms Under Threat in Timor-Leste”. There are also links to the event write-up of the report launch “Timor-Leste’s Problematic “Internet” Laws” held on 14th July 2021. You can watch the report launch on their YouTube page here.

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To access the full report, click here.

To read the op-ed on Jakarta Post, click here.

To read The Asia Centre’s UPR submission, click here.

LINK [REPORT] Timor Leste: Internet Freedoms Under Threat