VR-14-054 International Consultant: Violence Against Children

    Apply by: October 4, 2014
    Organization: UNICEF Indonesia

    Violence against children is of significant concern in Indonesia, including physical violence, emotional violence and neglect as well as sexual violence. In Indonesia like in any other country, too often, abuse occurs in the shadows: undetected, unreported, and too often accepted.

    UNICEF Indonesia is committed to taking action to prevent and respond to violence, including through several major initiatives led by the government of Indonesia and described in UNICEF’s Country Programme Document 2011-2015 signed in collaboration with the Government of Indonesia, and there are new opportunities for the Government of Indonesia, UNICEF and partners to enhance and strengthen work to prevent and respond to violence against children in the country.

    The purpose of this consultancy is to work closely with the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (KPPA), Bappenas, Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA), civil society and private sector partners to support the design of a robust, inter-disciplinary violence against children policy, advocacy and programme agenda for the next five years.


    Under the supervision of Chief, Child Protection, the consultant would be responsible for the following:

    1. Conduct a literature review to locate and analyse peer-reviewed journal articles about violence affecting children in Indonesia. Sources will include international databases such as PubMed as well as journals such as Child Abuse and Neglect, Child Maltreatment, Child Abuse Review and Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Grey literature will also be included for example through government data sources, local research in the country, in a collaborative manner with local and international academic partners.
    2. In collaboration with UNICEF Indonesia’s Innovation Hub, the Government of Indonesia, children and young people, review the existing National Action Plan to Prevent Violence against Children through focus group discussions, online surveys, key informant interviews and innovative participatory platforms such as UNICEF’s U-Report Indonesia.
    3. Support a consultative workshop to share emerging evidence on “what works” to prevent and respond to violence against children across Indonesia’s diverse context to inform the Action Plan;
    4. Draft, in partnership with a local consultant recruited by UNICEF based at KPPA, a revised National Action Plan on Violence against Children that reflects the inputs of stakeholders, the findings of the literature review and consultative workshop, as well as international good practice standards. This will include an overview of the situation of violence in Indonesia, desired programme and policy interventions, as well as clear benchmarks for success for measurement over time.
    5. Support, together with available expertise in UNICEF, the costing of the National Action Plan.
    6. Lead a participatory process of review with children and young people to feedback on the revised Action Plan, building on feedback from the VAC Survey and consultative workshop, utilizing innovative methodology such as UNICEF’s twitter-based U-Report.
    7. Support the roll out of the Indonesia #EndViolence initiative together with UNICEF Communications Cluster, including the development of an overall social norms and communications strategy, production of campaign materials, and dissemination including robust monitoring and evaluation.
    8. Support ongoing data analysis and research on violence against children, including expert review of the existing data sets in Indonesia on violence against children, amongst others.


    Detail of Work assignment and Deliverables are as follows:

    Work AssignmentsDeliverables Expected date/days Develop Violence Against Children Workplan, including milestones for consultancy as well as draft outline for new National Action Plan 2015 and beyond.

    • Consultancy workplan and Plan outline (contents/ chapter headings) 15.12.2014
    • Plan and conduct a participatory review of the current National Action Plan on Violence against Children with government, young people, children and civil society using social media, focus group discussions and other innovative platforms (such as the U-Report) together with relevant government and other partners. Report of the review, including participants and findings 15.01.2015
    • Contribute to a literature review on violence against children in Indonesia in partnership with contracted academic and other experts. Literature review 15.02.2015
    • Update the current #EndViolence Communication Strategy of UNICEF Indonesia in line with findings from the literature, interventions mapping and National Action Plan review processes. Updated UNICEF #EndViolence Indonesia Strategy 2014/2015 15.03.1015
    • Develop a strategy for, and support implementation of, an interventions mapping of current and prior violence against children initiatives. Violence Against Children Interventions Mapping Report 15.04.2015
    • Support, together with UNICEF, government and other technical advisors, the drafting of a revised National Action Plan on Violence against Children excluding annexes. Draft National Action Plan 15.05.2015
    • Support costing exercise of the National Action Plan (Annex 1) across multiple. Annex 1- Costing- of the National Action Plan 15.06.2015
    • Plan and conduct children and young people’s participatory feedback to the draft National Action Plan through focus group discussions, and other innovative methods. Report of children and young people’s feedback to the revised National Action Plan 15.07.2015
    • Revise National Action Plan to reflect children and young people’s perspectives. Revised National Action Plan on Violence against Children 15.08.2015

    IDEAL Profile of the consultant:
    • Advanced university degree in related field;
    • Demonstrated analytical research skills;
    • Developing country work experience; including field work experience;
    • Background/familiarity working in humanitarian contexts/ emergencies an asset;
    • Fluency in English;
    • Excellent written English and oral skills
    • 5-8 year’s of professional working experience in child protection, working with civil society, the United Nations or governments/ other;
    • Demonstrated ability to be creative and innovative;
    • Flexibility and team work skills required.

    How to apply:
    UNICEF Indonesia welcomes applications from qualified candidates for the terms of reference below. Interested applicants should submit electronically their complete curriculum vitae, updated P11 formaccompanied bycopy of university degree and/or any other relevant university certificates,addressed to:
    [email protected]

    (Please quote the reference number for which you are applying for in the subject line:

    UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization

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