Webinar Session 4: Children and Youth during COVID-19: Their Rights and as Human Rights Defenders

    April 29, 2020
    CSO Event

    An Online Discussion on ‘Children and Youth during COVID-19: Their Rights and as Human Rights Defenders’ Co-organised by FORUM-ASIA, Child Rights Coalition Asia (CRC Asia), and the ASEAN Youth Forum

    Time: 2 – 4pm (GMT +7)

    Date: 29 April 2020

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    • Roshni Basu, Regional Advisor on Adolescent Development and Participation, UNICEF
    • Ruthra Mary Ramachandran, Young Scholar and Activist of Southeast Asian Studies, University of  Malaya, Malaysia
    •  Astried Permata, General Coordinator, Pamflet, Indonesia
    • Mueda Nawanat, Young Human Rights Defender, Thailand

    Moderated by Hazel Bitana, Programme Manager of CRC Asia

    Closing remarks:

    While recognising that the Covid-19 pandemic poses further challenges on adult human rights activists, there is also a need to recognise that the future of activism is threatened with the lack of support for children and youth as human rights defenders. This webinar will bring the perspectives and observations of the children and youth and human rights defenders who work with them on:

    1) What are the challenges faced by youth and children during Covid-19 Pandemic?

    2) How do they cope or re-adjust the movement to ensure its continuation?

    3) What supports are needed for children and youth?

    4) What are the key recommendations to ASEAN, and

    5) How to strengthen the collaboration among children, youth, and human rights defenders?