Bandung Legal Aid (LBH Bandung)

    The Bandung Legal Aid Institute, better known as LBH Bandung, was first established on February 16, 1981 by Advocates who are members of the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADIN). After the ITB White Book incident, members who were members of the Red and White Defenders Team which was an Advocacy team formed by Adnan Buyung Nasution in defending and mentoring ITB Students for compiling the white book, later became an important part of the acceleration of the formation of the LBH Bandung. Mrs. Amartiwi Saleh, Ronggur Hutagalung, Murad Harahap, Bob Nainggolan, Anwar Sulaiman were a number of names who participated in the initiation of the birth of LBH Bandung.

    Contact Details


    Jl. Bekalivron no. 15 Rt 05/ RW 14, kelurahan Cikutra, Kec. Cibeunying Kidul 40124, Bandung, Indonesia

    Phone: +622220539717

    Email address: [email protected]
    Contact person: Arip Yogiawan
    Title: Chairperson

    Type of organization: National
    Core issue of the organization: Human Rights, Rule of Law