Vietnam aims for deeper involvement in 2015 UN agenda

Vietnam will continue to deepen its involvement in the 2015 United Nations agenda for global peace, sustainable development, and dealing with world challenges, Ambassador Nguyen Phuong Nga told Vietnam News Agency in New York on January 14.

Last update 10:07 | 16/01/2015

Nga, head of the permanent Vietnamese mission to the United Nations, said Vietnam will actively contribute ideas to the post-2015 UN development agenda while doing its part to help realise UN missions in key areas, including peacekeeping, sustainable development, and the promotion and protection of human rights, especially the rights of women, children and the vulnerable.

The country will also deal with regional tensions, increase disarmament, protect the environment, and address emerging challenges such as epidemics, disasters, and humanitarian crises.

Vietnam strives to fulfil its role at UN forums and within bodies, including its role as Vice Chair of the UN Committee on Social Affairs and its new seat at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. This January, it served as alternating chair of the Asia-Pacific Group.

Nga vowed that Vietnamese representatives to the UN will work closely with other Vietnamese agencies in the US to celebrate the 20 th anniversary of Vietnam–US diplomatic ties, with special attention given to Vietnam Days in the US.

The delegation will do its best to liaise with domestic agencies, UN member states, and the Secretariat to uphold Vietnam’s role as host of the 132nd General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and contribute to UN common goals, she said.

When asked about Vietnam’s participation in the UN agenda last year, Nga highlighted its active role in the united efforts of the world community on the three key pillars of peace, development, and human rights, adding that the country lent a helping hand to issues of shared concern, including peacefully settling disputes and realising the millennial development goals.

Vietnam’s deployment of the first officers to the UN peacekeeping mission has been hailed and its stance on peaceful and lawful settlement of the East Sea disputes has been supported by the UN and countries around the world. During the first year as a member of the UN Human Rights Council, Vietnam worked for the protection and promotion of human rights.

2014 also saw new progress in relations between Vietnam and the UN, with the latter providing assistance towards sustainable economic development, environmental protection, and social issues.

In close partnership, Vietnam and UN agencies have continued implementing the model “One UN” in Vietnam and advancing the “Green One UN house” project.

The UN Development Programme and Vietnam hosted an international conference with the world’s leading economists on strategies for shifting Vietnam’s growth model. During the year, Vietnam also upheld the significant role of multilateral diplomacy at UN forums in strengthening ties with member nations and international organisations.

Amid global challenges and uncertainties in 2014, the outstanding success achieved by the UN was the creation of a basic foundation for the post-2015 development agenda, with initiatives for 17 sustainable development goals and commitments to mitigating harmful effects of climate change.

It’s reasonable to credit the UN, the world’s largest inter-governmental body, with leveraging its indispensable and increasingly important role to maintain peace and security and promote development around the world, Nga said.