Rohingyas on a list unworthy of human rights: Short

Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Randy Short, human rights activist, Washington about the United Nations probe into reports of human trafficking of Rohingya Muslims by Thailand officials.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Regarding the UN probe of human trafficking of Rohingya Muslims… Why should such a thing happen first of all?

Short: Let’s be honest, it’s a marginalized Muslim population. We understand now that Western countries can go into Burma and cut deals – This happens in other countries that open themselves up to economic exploitation by the West, people willing to look the other way as people are exterminated or pushed off the land.

After all, this is what made America, America; and Australia, Australia; New Zealand, New Zealand; and Canada, Canada; and Argentina… we can go on and on.

It is disgusting, but it’s showing that these people who are being made stateless don’t have anyone to fight for them. And this is what you can see.

It’s even more tragic that the UN, that‘s speaking about this, is turning its head the other way when in Bangladesh they’re using deadly Depo Provera to eliminate the Rohingyas in a more quiet and silent way.

So it’s as if they are a population that they want to get rid of. And there are eugenicists and other people who feel that they are expendable – black, brown, yellow, Muslim, African people; and the Rohingyas seem to be on a list that’s unworthy of mercy or human rights in spite of the existing Declaration of Human Rights.

Thus far, you have rich societies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar that have money for Takfiris to murder people in Syria, or to look the other way when people are murdered in Bahrain and yet there are no resources for these Muslims in Burma.

And eugenics and exploitation just as what happens with my African-American people here or the Palestinians in Gaza, this is another population that seems to be used or thrown away by a world that’s forgotten God, love, justice and mercy – and it’s a human right and a birth right for all people.

And particularly people like the Rohingya or else religion, morality and international human rights law has no value if it doesn’t apply to people like the Rohingyas.

Press TV: Speaking of human rights, will there be accountability for such human rights violations?

Short: We have to make people accountable. We need to have sanctions and boycotts against companies that deal with Burma. We need to go after Thailand. These countries it’s amazing…

Sanctions seem to only be applied to countries that want to only do the right thing, like yours [Iran]. And the other rogue countries, as long as they’re willing to be slaves that kiss … of the West, they’re allowed to do things like what’s being done to our brothers and sisters that are known as Rohingyas in South East Asia.