Indonesian security break up peaceful rallies in West Papua

A heavy security presence disrupted peaceful rallies across West Papua which had been called to commemorate the anniversary of the 3rd Papuan peoples congress.

Joe Collins of AWPA said “yet again peaceful demonstrators have been arrested for simply taking part in rallies which is their democratic right, a right enshrined in article 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that  “Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association”.  Our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop should be raising these human rights abuses, the arrest of peaceful demonstrators with the Indonesian Government.
In Fak-Fak 22 people were arrested while going to commemorate  the anniversary of the 3rd Papuan peoples congress. A heavy security presence in Sentani at the grave of chief Theys Eluay blocked the commemoration. Local media (Tabloid Jubi) reported that the security forces consisted of Police patrol cars and motorcycles, water canon, trucks from Brimob including two Brimob logistics trucks.