CSO report attacks human rights record

    The human rights report of the Myanmar Universal Periodic Review (UPR) forum compiled by 31 civil society organisations (CSOs) was sent to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations on March 20.

    Published on Sunday, 22 March 2015 17:28

    The CSOs urged in the report that the government guarantees to always protect and respect the fundamental rights of all people in the country.

    The report contains 36 points urging the government to always respect human rights, such as the right to a peaceful assembly, to form associations and to ensure freedom of expression. Transparent investigations should be launched into allegations of human right violations.

    The CSOs suggested in the report that the Constitution must be amended to guarantee the judiciary’s independence. The executive or legislature must not influence the judiciary, the report said. The Constitution and other law must be amended to limit the military’s responsibilities.

    The government should negotiate with rural people who have been affected by development projects. Sufficient compensation should be given to those evicted, the CSOs said in the report.

    The report has eight headings: the judiciary and the rule of law; amendment to the Constitution and other laws; the free formation of associations and the freedom of expression; Myanmar National Human Rights Commission; armed conflict; the economy and human rights; unfair arrest and imprisonment; and oppression and lawless killing.

    The Human Rights Council of the UN will hold the Universal Periodic Review in November 2016. Member countries must send reports to the Human Rights Council by March 23. 

    SOURCE www.elevenmyanmar.com