[Call for Applications] 7th Global Capacity-Building Workshop on GCED

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The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) is now accepting applications 7th Global Capacity-Building Workshop on GCED – Global citizenship: Starting from a classroom, reaching out to a community, which will be held online for educators in ODA (Official Development Aid) recipient countries. The deadline for applications is on 14 August 2022.

This year’s workshop will offer online-based intensive training opportunities to participants, helping them to learn about key aspects and competences of global citizenship with a focus of social and emotional learning (SEL). Those who complete the workshop successfully will be given a chance for ‘grant’ and ‘mentoring’ opportunities by submitting a project proposal on GCED.

Also, kindly be informed that applicants must complete the e-learning course titled “Prerequisite Course for the 7th Global Capacity-Building Workshop on GCED for Teacher Educators” on GCED Online Campus. The e-learning course can be accessed here.

To register for this workshop, click here.

Lastly, if you would like to get more information or have questions, please join us in the Online Information Session on 29 July 2022, 17:00~18:00(KST) via Zoom. To join the information session, click here.

SOURCE https://www.gcedonlinecampus.org/login.php