ASEAN youth forum advocates cooperation

Developing countries like Burma, Cambodia and Laos will be helped by Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore with investment and human resource, said Ko Htet Swe Win, a youth leader at the recent ASEAN Youth Forum in Rangoon.
“There will be job opportunities for us,” and challenges, he said in the forum’s closing statement titled: Strengthening the Power of Youth Engagement in Building a Peaceful and Productive ASEAN Community.
Ko Htet Swe Win cautioned that although high earning countries are ready, developing countries face challenges and risks in being low investors.
Two hundred people, including ethnic youth leaders from Burma and member countries converged with union and youth organizations at the forum in Rangoon (Yangon) University. Participants discussed equality, sustainability, and inclusive development of the ASEAN community in line with principles and values of human rights, democracy, justice and freedom in all aspects of life.
They called for an ASEAN community that is “sustainable rights-based, inclusive, people-centered, and youth-driven” in released statement at the end of the three-day forum.
Asking for “affirmative action” by their leaders in ASEAN countries to “fulfill the aspirations of young people” at all levels.
Five points were prepared. One asked that an ASEAN youth movement be recognized as an autonomous and independent regional institution representing the voices of young Southeast Asians.