Briefing Paper on the Trend and Trajectory of Repressive Laws in Asia

Year: October 2018
Country: ASIA

This brief created by extracting the information FORUM-ASIA’s publication titled, The Instrument of Repressions : Regional Report on the status of Freedom of Expressions, Assembly and Association in Asia. The brief aims to elaborate the utilization of repressive laws within the Asian countries to restrict freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association that contributes to the shrinking civic space in the region. Social justice, the rule of law and democratic values are under attack from leaders who tolerate no dissent from the authoritatian populist regyme that gaining power and influence across the region. In addition, the regional trend of further opression to the civic space, contributes to the heighthened intimidation and risks faces by Women and Human Rights Defenders across the region. Furthermore, the brief also posits recommendations for the improvement of the existing policies, which would enable progressive action by governments, policymakers, duty-bearers, non-governmental bodies, and other stakeholders. We hope that this brief will help nuance the imminent situation on the utilization of repressive laws that affecting Freedom of Expression, Assembly and Association in the region.

LINK Briefing Paper on the Trend and Trajectory of Repressive Laws in Asia