Public Dialogue and People’s Summit on ASEAN and Myanmar

April 22, 2021
CSO Event

FORUM-ASIA is inviting you to join us in back-to-back webinars titled “Public Dialogue on ASEAN responses to Myanmar” and “Southeast Asia People’s Summit on Myanmar.”

The public dialogues aims to share key learnings from other regional mechanisms on addressing crises and provide recommendations for ASEAN to respond Myanmar coup based on FORUM-ASIA’s ASEAN Briefer on ASEAN responses to Myanmar, which will also be launched in the same event.

Webinar 1: Southeast Asia People’s Summit on Myanmar

Speaker 1: Khin Ohmar (Founder, Progressive Voice)
Speaker 2: Naw Susanna Hla Hla Soe (National Unity Government Minister on Women, Children, and Youth)
Speaker 3: Wal Wal Nu (Founder and Executive Director, Women’s Peace Network)
Speaker 4: Me Me Khant (Milk Tea Alliance/Stanford University)
Speaker 5: Khin Sandar (Spokesperson, General Strike Committee)
Speaker 6: Debbie Stothard (ALTSEAN)
Speaker 7: Jose Ramos Horta (Former President, East Timor)
Speaker 8: Marzuki Darusman (Member of the Special Advisory Council on Myanmar)

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Webinar 2: One Vision, Different Responses: Public Dialogue on ASEAN responses to Myanmar

Speaker 1: Khin Ohmar (Founder, Progressive Voice)
Speaker 2: Tom Andrews (United Nations Special Rapporteur on Myanmar)
Speaker 3: Marty Natalegawa (Former Foreign Affairs Minister of Indonesia)
Speaker 4: Cornelius Hanung (Programme Officer, FORUM-ASIA)
Speaker 5: Tun Khin (President, Burmese Rohingya Organization UK)

Moderator: Rachel Arinii Judhistari (Programme Manager, FORUM-ASIA)

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