A Site Event at the 59th Session of CSW: Women’s Human Rights and Equality in the Post 2015 Development Agenda

March 14, 2015 - March 14, 2015
CSO Event

Development Not Without Women!

The Beijing +20 has arrived at a critical juncture of discussion on a new post 2015 global development agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. The concluences of these processes provide a strategic opportunity for the women’s movement to ensure that gender equality and women’s human rights are central to the new development agenda.

This development agenda, in its current form, fails to reaffirm the basic position of human rights and states’ accountability to respect, protect, promote and fulfill human rights. The human rights regime, its establishes standards and norms and monitoring mechanism, should be firmly placed at the heart of the SDGs, driving a development agenda that is rooted in rights and the people to whom it claims to be commited. 

This Panel invites inputs from civil society in reviewing the progresses on SDGs and proposing an alternative approach to ensuring protection of human rights and interests of women through the development agenda.

14 March 2015, 2.30 – 4.00 pm, 2nd Floor, Church Centre of the UN (CCUN) New York.

Organized by IWRAW Asia Pacific

Panel Topics and Panelist

  • Neo Liberal orthodoxy and its influence on post 2015 development agenda  Dr. Caroline Lambert, YWCA Australia
  • The need for a human rights framework and people-centred approach in achieving sustainable development.  Maria Hermione Graterol, CWGL Rutgers
  • Ensuring equality and justice from process to outcomes: Framing Indicators. Shanti Dairiam, IWRAW Asia pacific
  • Relevance of human rights treaty regime and CEDAW in the accountability framework for post 2015 development agenda and the SDGs. Dr. Lia Nadaraia, Member of CEDAW Committee