4th Regular Meeting of AICHR

February 9, 2011 - February 12, 2011

AICHR’s press release stated that, during the meeting, it had adopted its rules of procedure, now called the ‘Guidelines of Operations’. Due to the objectives of some Representatives over the Guidelines, they were not finally adopted until March 2012. AICHR also discussed the Terms of Reference of the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration Drafting Group. In addition, the Meeting considered the draft Terms of Reference of the thematic studies on CSR and Human Rights and Migration, and invitations to meet from some ASEAN Dialogue Partners and ASEAN Sectoral Bodies. AICHR also noted the proposed AICHR-UNHCR Workshop on Statelessness and the Rights of Women and Children, and a concept paper on the best practices to promote and protect maternal health in ASEAN Member States. At the invitation of AICHR, H.E. Ngurah Swajaya, the Chairperson of the ASEAN Committee of Permanent Representative (CPR) attended the meeting and had a substantive dialogue with AICHR under the agenda of Engagement with ASEAN Organs and Sectoral bodies and other entities associated with ASEAN. It was agreed that AICHR and CPR will enhance their cooperation especially in facilitating human rights cooperation with ASEAN Dialogue Partners. At the meeting, AICHR also met with H.E. Bagus Hapsoro, the Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN for Community and Corporate Affairs, to discuss Secretariat support to AICHR. Ambassador Hapsoro leads the ASEAN Secretariat team of 2 that provides support services to AICHR.