Civil Society Organizations welcome US determination of genocide against Rohingya

    Civil Society Organizations welcome US determination of genocide against Rohingya
    Myanmar military leadership must be prosecuted

    Though it comes far too late, the decision of the US government to finally formally determine that the violence perpetrated by the Myanmar military against the Rohingya in 2017 in Rakhine State amounts to genocide and crimes against humanity is welcomed by 357 Myanmar CSOs and regional and international partners.

    This announcement comes after over four years of tireless repeated efforts by Rohingya, supported by human rights groups within Myanmar and across the world in solidarity with their cause. They have continued to seek justice and accountability, the recognition of their rights, including the restoration of their citizenship, equal rights, freedom of movement, and for safe, voluntary and dignified return of Rohingya to their homes in Rakhine State.

    As the long-awaited recognition of the atrocity crimes being determined by the US government is here, urgent actions must be taken towards criminal prosecution for these crimes and to ensure the protection of the remaining Rohingya in Rakhine State whose situation continues to be dire. Otherwise, this determination will languish as rhetoric and only serve to further embolden the Myanmar military that not only continues to implement its policies of genocide and persecute the remaining 600,000 Rohingya in Rakhine State, but is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity against the people across the country.

    The same military that committed genocide against the Rohingya are committing massacres, airstrikes, extrajudicial killings, arbitrary mass arrests, sexual and gender-based violence, violence against children and mass displacement following its attempted coup – an attempt that failed, largely due to courageous and united resistance from the people of Myanmar in defense of their democracy.

    At the 49th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, stated that systematic abuses by the military junta may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, including deliberately targeting civilians with airstrikes and burning people alive. The impunity enjoyed by the Myanmar military must end and this can only be achieved through swift and rigorous justice and accountability.

    We call on the United States Government to:

    • Recommend the UN Security Council adopt a resolution referring the situation in Myanmar to the ICC;
    • Recommend the International Criminal Court to accept the declaration lodged by the Myanmar government, the National Unity Government, under Article 12(3) of the Rome Statute accepting the Court’s jurisdiction with respect to international crimes committed in Myanmar territory since 1 July 2002;
    • Formally support the ongoing case against Myanmar at the International Court of Justice brought forward by The Gambia, including financial and legal assistance;
    • Call on the Congress to Pass the Burma Unified through Rigorous Military Accountability Act of 2021 (BURMA Act 2021);
    • Impose further targeted sanctions against the military and its leadership, military businesses including specifically targeting Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), military-linked business partners and network of arms dealers;
    • Increase aid to Rohingya genocide survivors in Bangladesh and other countries, and advocate for Bangladesh to adopt sustainable policies for hosting Rohingya refugees, including immediate access to education for all Rohingya children.
    • Direct USAID to coordinate emergency humanitarian aid provision efforts, including through cross-border channels, for the aid to reach to most vulnerable populations of more than 889,000 IDPs resulted from the military violence and airstrikes, and combat COVID-19, by providing resources and working in equal and meaningful partnership and collaboration with ethnic and community-based humanitarian and civil society organizations;
    • Coordinate to impose a global arms embargo on the Myanmar military; and,
    • Sanction the supply of jet fuel to the Myanmar military to end airstrikes.

    To view the original statement, click here.

    Organisation/s Involved

    Signed by:
    1. 8888 Generation (New Zealand)
    2. Action Against Myanmar Military Coup (Sydney)
    3. Action Committee for Democracy Development (ACDD)
    4. Ah Nah podcast – Conversation with Myanmar
    5. All Burma Democratic Face in New Zealand
    6. All Burma Federation of Trade Unions (ABFTU)
    7. All Burma Indigenous People Alliance
    8. All Burma Student Democratic Front – Australia Branch
    9. All Young Burmese League (AYBL)
    10. Alternative Solutions for Rural Communities (ASORCOM)
    11. ALTSEAN-Burma
    12. America Rohingya Justice Network
    13. American Baptist Churches USA
    14. American Rohingya Advocacy
    15. Anti-Myanmar Dictatorship Movement
    16. Anti-Myanmar Military Dictatorship Network (AMMDN)
    17. Arakan Institute for Peace and Development
    18. Arizona Kachin Community
    19. ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR)
    20. Asia Democracy Network
    21. Asia Myanmar Research Institute
    22. Asia Pacific Solidarity Coalition (APSOC)
    23. Asian Dignity Initiative
    24. Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA)
    25. Association for the Advancement of Freedom of Religion or Belief in Vietnam (AAFoRB-VN)
    26. Association of Human Rights Defenders and Promoters (HRDP)
    27. Athan – Freedom of Expression Activist Organization
    28. Auckland Kachin Community NZ
    29. Auckland Zomi Community
    30. Australia Burma Friendship Association, Northern Territory
    31. Australia Karen Organization WA Inc.
    32. Australia Myanmar Doctors, Nurses and Friends
    33. Australia Myanmar Youth Alliance (AMYA)
    34. Australian Burmese Muslim Organisation
    35. Australian Chin Community (Eastern Melbourne Inc)
    36. Australian Karen Organisation (AKO)
    37. Bamar Community Tasmania
    38. Baptist World Alliance
    39. Blood Money Campaign
    40. Boat People SOS
    41. Burma Action Ireland
    42. Burma Campaign UK (BCUK)
    43. Burma Civil War Museum (BCM)
    44. Burma Human Rights Network (BHRN)
    45. Burma Interest Group
    46. Burma Lawyers’ Council (BLC)
    47. Burma Task Force
    48. Burmese American Community Institute
    49. Burmese American Millennials
    50. Burmese Community Development Collaboration (BCDC)
    51. Burmese Community in South Australia
    52. Burmese Community Support Group (BCSG)
    53. Burmese Democratic Forces
    54. Burmese Friendship Association
    55. Burmese Medical Association Australia (BMAA)
    56. Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK (BROUK)
    57. Burmese Rohingya Welfare Organisation New Zealand
    58. Burmese Women’s Union (BWU)
    59. Calgary Karen Community Association (CKCA)
    60. California Kachin Community
    61. Campaign for a New Myanmar
    62. Canberra Karen Association
    63. Chin Community of Auckland
    64. Chin Community of Western Australia Inc.
    65. Chin Community SA
    66. Chin Community Tasmania
    67. Chin Human Rights Organization
    68. Chin Leaders of Tomorrow (CLT)
    69. Chin Youth Organization
    70. Church of Scientology National Affairs Office
    71. Citizens of Burma Award (New Zealand)
    72. Clarity & Decency
    73. Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA)
    74. CoBA New Zealand
    75. Committee for Religious Freedom in Vietnam
    76. CRPH & NUG Supporters Ireland
    77. CRPH Funding Ireland
    78. CRPH Support Group, Norway
    79. CRPH/NUG Support Group Australia
    80. CSO Committee for Peace in Tanintharyi
    81. Dallas Kachin Community
    82. Dallas Karen Baptist Church
    83. Danu Youth Organization
    84. Democracy for Burma
    85. Democracy for Myanmar – Working Group (NZ)
    86. Democracy Movement Strike Committee – Dawei
    87. Democracy Movement Strike Committee – Laung Lone
    88. Democracy, Peace and Women’s Organization – DPW
    89. Democratic Youth Council
    90. DFW Karen Community
    91. Dragon Dawn
    92. Edmonton Karen Community Youth Organization
    93. European Karen Network (EKN)
    94. European Rohingya Council
    95. Falam Community in South Australia
    96. Federal FM Mandalay
    97. Federal Myanmar Benevolence Group (NZ)
    98. Finland Karen Culture Association
    99. Florida Kachin Community
    100. Free Burma Action Bay/USA/Global
    101. Free Myanmar Campaign USA/BACI
    102. Free Rohingya Coalition
    103. Freedom for Burma
    104. Freedom, Justice, Equality for Myanmar
    105. Future Light Center (FLC)
    106. Future Thanlwin (FT)
    107. General Strike Committee of Nationalities – GSCN
    108. Generation Wave (GW)
    109. Georgia Kachin Community
    110. Global Movement for Myanmar Democracy (GM4MD)
    111. Global Myanmar Spring Revolution (GMSR)
    112. Houston Kachin Community
    113. Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM)
    114. In Defense of Human Rights and Dignity Movement (iDefend), Philippines
    115. India For Myanmar
    116. Industrial Training Centre (ITC) Family Sydney
    117. Info Birmanie
    118. Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID)
    119. Institute for Asian Democracy
    120. Interfaith Youth Coalition on Aids in Myanmar (IYCA-Myanmar)
    121. International Campaign for the Rohingya (ICR)
    122. International Karen Organisation
    123. International Society of Myanmar Scholars and Professionals
    124. Iowa Kachin Community
    125. Joint Action Committee for Democracy in Burma (JACDB)
    126. Jubilee Campaign USA
    127. Justice 4 Myanmar – Hope & Development
    128. Justice For Myanmar (JFM)
    129. Kachin Alliance
    130. Kachin American Community (Portland – Vancouver)
    131. Kachin Association Australia
    132. Kachin Association of Australia WA Inc.
    133. Kachin Baptist Churches USA
    134. Kachin Community of Indiana
    135. Kachin Community of USA
    136. Kachin National Organization USA
    137. Kachin Vision
    138. Kansas Karenni Community, KS
    139. Karen American Association of Milwaukee, WI
    140. Karen Association of Huron, SD
    141. Karen Community in Norway
    142. Karen Community in South Australia
    143. Karen Community of Akron, OH
    144. Karen Community of Canada (KCC)
    145. Karen Community of Czech Republic
    146. Karen Community of Finland
    147. Karen Community of Hamilton
    148. Karen Community of Iowa, IA
    149. Karen Community of Ireland
    150. Karen Community of Israel
    151. Karen Community of Kansas City, KS & MO
    152. Karen Community of Kitchener & Waterloo
    153. Karen Community of Leamington
    154. Karen Community of Lethbridge
    155. Karen Community of London
    156. Karen Community of Minnesota, MN
    157. Karen Community of North Carolina, NC
    158. Karen Community of Ottawa
    159. Karen Community of Regina
    160. Karen Community of Saskatoon
    161. Karen Community of Thunderbay
    162. Karen Community of Toronto
    163. Karen Community of Windsor
    164. Karen Community of Winnipeg
    165. Karen Community Society of British Columbia (KCSBC)
    166. Karen Environmental and Social Action Network (KESAN)
    167. Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG)
    168. Karen Organization of America
    169. Karen Organization of Illinois, IL
    170. Karen Peace Support Network (KPSN)
    171. Karen Rivers Watch
    172. Karen Swedish Community (KSC)
    173. Karen Thai Group
    174. Karen Women’s Organization
    175. Karen Youth Education Pathways
    176. Karen Youth Networks
    177. Karen Youth of Norway
    178. Karen Youth of Toronto
    179. Karen Youth Organization
    180. Karenni Civil Society Network
    181. Karenni Community of Arizona, AZ
    182. Karenni Community of Arkensas, AK
    183. Karenni Community of Austin, TX
    184. Karenni Community of Bowling Green, KY
    185. Karenni Community of Buffalo, NY
    186. Karenni Community of Chicago, IL
    187. Karenni Community of Colorado, CO
    188. Karenni Community of Dallas, TX
    189. Karenni Community of Des Moines, IA
    190. Karenni Community of Florida, FL
    191. Karenni Community of Fort Worth, TX
    192. Karenni Community of Georgia, GA
    193. Karenni Community of Houston, TX
    194. Karenni Community of Idaho, ID
    195. Karenni Community of Indianapolis, IN
    196. Karenni Community of Massachusetts, MA
    197. Karenni Community of Michigan, MI
    198. Karenni Community of Minnesota, MN
    199. Karenni Community of Missouri, MO
    200. Karenni Community of North Carolina, NC
    201. Karenni Community of Portland, OR
    202. Karenni Community of Rockford, IL
    203. Karenni Community of San Antonio, TX
    204. Karenni Community of Sioux Falls, SD
    205. Karenni Community of Utah, UT
    206. Karenni Community of Utica, NY
    207. Karenni Community of Washington, WA
    208. Karenni Community of Wisconsin, WI
    209. Karenni Federation of Australia
    210. Karenni Human Rights Group
    211. Karenni National Women’s Organization
    212. Karenni Society New Zealand
    213. Karenni Society of Omaha, NE
    214. Karenni/Kayah Community
    215. Karenni-American Association
    216. Kayan Women’s Organization
    217. Kayin Community Tasmania
    218. Keng Tung Youth
    219. Kentucky Kachin Community
    220. Korea Karen Organization
    221. Korea Karen Youth Organization
    222. Kyae Lak Myay Organization
    223. Kyaukse University Interim Administrative Council
    224. Kyaukse University Students’ Union
    225. La Communauté Birmane de France (France)
    226. LA Rohingya Association
    227. League for Democracy in Burma
    228. LGBT Union Mandalay (လိင်စိတ်ခံယူမှုကွဲပြားသူများသမဂ္ဂ)
    229. Loka Ahlinn – Social Development Network
    230. Louisiana Kachin Community
    231. Mandalay Regional Youth Association
    232. Maryland Kachin Community
    233. Matu Chin Community in Australia
    234. Metta Campaign Mandalay
    235. Michigan Kachin Community
    236. Milk Tea Alliance (Calendar Team)
    237. Milwaukee Myanmar Christian Church
    238. Mindat Chin Community NSW
    239. Mindat Community in Australia
    240. Minnesota Kachin Community
    241. Mizo Community in Australia
    242. Mizo Society of America
    243. Mon Families Group
    244. Mon National Council
    245. MSI – Myanmar Secrect Information
    246. Muslim Youth Network
    247. Myanmar Accountability Project
    248. Myanmar Advocacy Coalition
    249. Myanmar Buddhist Community of South Australia
    250. Myanmar Community Coffs Harbour (MCC)
    251. Myanmar Cultural Research Society (MCRS)
    252. Myanmar Democracy and Peace Committee (Australia)
    253. Myanmar Democratic Movement (MDM)
    254. Myanmar Engineering Association of Australia (MEAA)
    255. Myanmar Engineers – New Zealand
    256. Myanmar Gonye (New Zealand)
    257. Myanmar People Alliance (Shan State)
    258. Myanmar People Residing in Canberra
    259. Myanmar Professionals Association Australia (MPAA)
    260. Myanmar Students’ Association Australia (MSAA)
    261. Myanmar Students’ Union in New Zealand
    262. Nationalities Alliance of Burma USA
    263. Netherlands-Myanmar Solidarity Platform
    264. Network for Advocacy Action
    265. Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma (ND-Burma)
    266. New York Kachin Community
    267. New Zealand Doctors for NUG
    268. New Zealand Karen Association
    269. New Zealand Zo Community Inc.
    270. NLD Solidarity Association (Australia)
    271. No Business With Genocide
    272. North Carolina Kachin Community
    273. Nyan Lynn Thit Analytica
    274. Olive Organization
    275. Omaha Kachin Community
    276. Oversea Karen Organization Japan
    277. Overseas Mon Association – New Zealand
    278. Pa-O Women’s Union
    279. Pa-O Youth Organization
    280. Peacock Generation Youth Empowerment Society
    281. Pennsylvania Kachin Community
    282. People’s Empowerment Foundation (PEF)
    283. Perth Myanmar Youth Network
    284. Probono Lawyer Network
    285. Progressive Voice
    286. PWVB (Patriotic War Veterans of Burma)
    287. Pyithu Gonye (New Zealand)
    288. Queensland Kachin Community (QKC)
    289. Queensland Myanmar Youth Collective (QMYC)
    290. Queensland Rohingya Community
    291. Red Campaign Nirvana Exhortation Group
    292. Regina Karen Community
    293. Remonya Association of WA (Mon Community)
    294. Rohingya Action Ireland
    295. Rohingya Youth Association
    296. Rvwang Community Association New Zealand
    297. RW Welfare Society (RWWS)
    298. Save and Care Organization for Ethnic Women at Border Areas (SCOEWBA)
    299. SAVE MYANMAR (San Francisco)
    300. Save Myanmar Fundraising Group (New Zealand)
    301. SEA-Junction
    302. Shan Community (New Zealand)
    303. Shan MATA
    304. Shwe Youth Democratic Alliance (SYDA)
    305. Sisters 2 Sisters
    306. Sitt Nyein Pann Foundation
    307. South Carolina Kachin Community
    308. Southcare Medical Centre
    309. Southern Youth Development Organization
    310. Students for Free Burma
    311. Support for Myanmar
    312. Support Group for Democracy in Myanmar (Netherlands)
    313. Support the Democracy Movement in Burma
    314. Sydney Friends for Myanmar Unity
    315. Synergy – Social Harmony Organization
    316. Ta’ang Legal Aid
    317. Ta’ang Women’s Organization (TWO)
    318. Tanintharyi MATA
    319. Tanintharyi Women’s Network
    320. Tennessee Kachin Community
    321. Thai Allied Committee with Desegregated Burma Foundation (TACDB)
    322. The Institution of Professional Engineers Myanmar
    323. The Sentry
    324. Thint Myat Lo Thu Myar Organization
    325. TINT KYWE
    326. Twitter Team for Revolution
    327. U.S. Campaign for Burma
    328. Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA
    329. Union of Karenni State Youth
    330. Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
    331. United Myanmar Community of South Australia
    332. United States Advocacy Coalition for Myanmar (USACM)
    333. United States Chin Coalition (USCC)
    334. University Muslim Students Network- Myanmar
    335. Victorian Burmese Care Community (VBCC)
    336. Victorian Myanmar Youth
    337. Vietnam Coalition Against Torture
    338. Vietnamese Women for Human Rights
    339. Virginia Kachin Community
    340. Washington Kachin Community
    341. We Change
    342. We Pledge CDM (Australia)
    343. West Virginia Kachin Community
    344. Western Australia Myanmar Democratic Network
    345. Wisdom Light Education
    346. Women Activists Myanmar (WAM)
    347. Women Advocacy Coalition-Myanmar (WAC-M)
    348. Women Development Society
    349. Women’s League of Burma (WLB)
    350. Yadanar Foundation
    351. Zo Community in Australia
    352. Zomi Association Australia Inc.
    353. Zomi Community Queensland
    354. Zomi Community South Australia
    355. မုံရွာလူထုသပိတ်တိုက်ပွဲ ဦးဆောင်ကော်မတီ
    356. အမျိုးသမီးမဟာမိတ်အင်အားစု (Women Alliance Burma)
    357. ဧရာဝတီကရင်လူငယ်

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