EarthRights International Southeast Asia Office

    EarthRights International (ERI) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that combines the power of law and the power of people in defense of human rights and the environment, which we define as “earth rights.” We specialize in fact-finding, legal actions against perpetrators of earth rights abuses, training grassroots and community leaders, and advocacy campaigns. Through these strategies, EarthRights International seeks to end earth rights abuses, to provide real solutions for real people, and to promote and protect human rights and the environment in the communities where we work.

    Contact Details


    PO Box 123, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, 50202, Thailand

    Phone: +66815311256

    Email address: [email protected]
    Contact person: Chana Maung
    Title: Southeast Asia Office Director

    Type of organization: Regional
    Core issue of the organization: Environment, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights