Revelation: Burmese Officials’ refutation UN report, Rohingya Rights Violation

    Revelation about the violation of human rights of Rohingya and other ethnic minorities which are being  severely carried out and are tactically denied  against UN reports by  brutal militarized President Thein Sein’s  criminal officials and one of major investors  in Arakan —India

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    By Ibrahim Shah Tuesday, 07 July 2015

    Revelation about the violation of human rights of Rohingya and other ethnic minorities which are being  severely carried out and are tactically denied  against UN reports by  brutal militarized President Thein Sein’s  criminal officials and one of major investors  in Arakan —India

    On  Friday, 3rd July, the rights body of UN[UNHRC] adopted without a vote a resolution on addressing the human rights situation of Rohingya Muslims and other minorities in Myanmar— in particular regarding the Rohingya  boat-people found adrift in the bay of Bengal.

    Let’s have a look at the resolution how it was passed and who both  tactically and criminally denied it

    The resolution,  was adopted from the view point of emergency  without a vote despite being absent of  the delegation of the concerned country Burma where the gross human rights violations against Rohingya and other ethnic minorities take place.

    Unfortunately, the Permanent Representative of sub-continent  India to the United Nations Office at Geneva, Ajit Kumar,  withdrew itself from the resolution, saying it is highly prescriptive and not consistent with the broad ethos of the work of the Council.

    According to Times of India:

    “We have serious concerns on the draft resolution which focuses on issues that are sectarian in nature… With respect to Rakhine State, we have noted that the Government of Myanmar has taken steps towards restoration of law and order and has expressed readiness to cooperate with UN and other humanitarian agencies regarding rehabilitation of those affected by violence,” said Ajit Kumar.

    Permanent Representative of Myanmar to the United Nations Office at Geneva, Maung Wai, said: “The draft resolution has nothing to do with the promotion and protection of human rights. Rather its real purpose is to raise the profile of a particular faith. Its adoption will do nothing good it will only prove counterproductive.”

    “The notion that human rights of Muslims in Myanmar are violated upon is totally wrong, is totally wrong. It is only a false perception not a reality. If you put a spin on the false story turning it to a human rights issue then you are making a very serious mistake, ”

    Let’s investigate from the essence of truth, in reality, which is truth whether the resolution or the statement presented by both Permanent Representative of  Burma and India to the United Nations Office at Geneva

    The Rohingya people are the second ancient native people of Arakan territory, currently called as Rakhine state in western Burma. The land Arakan became a part of Burma since 1784 in which year the intruder Burman king Bo Daw conquered it. In 1974, the ancient name of the western part of Burma was politically transferred from Arakan into Rakhine based on ethnic Rakhine community, an ethno-religious group of Burman Buddhist,  by a profound conspiracy[ expulsion of Rohingya people from Arakan] led by late Rakhine ethnocentric Buddhsit monk O U Tamma and the then Junta Ne Win.

     “Rohingya was the officially recognized nationality of Burma until 1982 in which year the term Rohingya was deleted from Burma census record under  military drafted Burma Citizenship Act 1982.”

    A brief account on since the time  Rohingya became genocidal victims in the hand of Burmese Burmanized and Rakhinized authorities

    Since 1960s, the military regime led by Ne Win, initiated to conduct severe military operations against Rohingya. In 1977-78, more than 200,000 Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh to escape the brutalities of militaries which were carried out under the military operation called Dragon Operation, the ever most dreadful and severest Military Operation launched in Arakan.

    Again, in 1991, a series of  unprecedented brutalities of Junta Than Shwe’s ruthless military officials in particular Military Intelligence department led by  General Khin Nyut, were launched against Rohingya—forced labor, forced eviction, arbitrary arrest, identity crisis, vandalization of Rohingya hamlets,  settlement of non-Rohingya[Buddhsit] from outside Arakan in Rohingya owned hamlets,  detention, mass murder,  torture in unknown detention centers, rape, displacement, loot, and severe restrictions on movement, marriage, birth, higher education, livelihood, religious duties and  health care, etc.

    Again in the middle of 2012, in the hand of ruling quasi-military regime led by liar President Thein Sein[ here the President was termed as liar because he proposed to UNHCR chief Antonio Guterres to deport the entire Rohingya people from western Burma to any third country despite being known that the Rohingya people are the native of Arakan state], the Rohingya people initiated to face increasingly severe human rights violations.

    In 2012, State-sponsored Rakhine  thugs and a gang of  Rakhine dacoits led by Rakhine politician Vet. Aye Maung started to set fire Rohingya homes and killed those who come out of the burning homes to escape the fire,  and the security forces were inactive and did not prevent the attackers. More than one hundred thousand innocent Rohingya people were displaced.  In reality, the state government should protect the Rohingya from further attack of Rakhine thugs. But, instead of giving official protection to Rohingya, Rohingya villagers  from Sittwe, the Capital of Arakan State, were segregated from Rakhine community.

    Currently, government started to build so called unwanted offices in the places of Rohingya who are in internally displaced camps.

        In a conversation with a Rohingya women rights defender,  Huamira Shah, she expressed , “it is too regretful that the world most populous democratic state , India, eerily silent to the mass atrocities of President Thein Sein’s genocidal administration against Rohingya, and on the other hand, instead of intervention for prevention of Rohingya Genocide in Arakan, the Indian government invested multi-billion dollars in major infrastructure in Arakan state that encourages hugely to Burmese rulers to increasingly perpetuate genocide and mass atrocities in Burma.”

    Moreover, in another conversation with a Rohingya human rights activist Mohamed Ayub Bin Kalamiah, he revealed,” none will be able to truly perceive without their physical arrival in ethnic minorities areas about how  minorities including Rohingya and other ethnic Muslims face critical conditions and internal war in the hand of  brutal regime led by President Thein Sein.”

    Concurrently, Rohingya faces identity crisis, forced ethnicity registration as Bengali, arbitrary arrest, torture, starvation, malnutrition, critical health situations, arson attack, harassment, meteorological disaster due to heavy monsoon rains, sudden death due to poisonous injection of Rakhine nurses and Burman doctors at state-run hospitals, threat from Rakhine authorities such as either be killed or flee desperately to any places out of Burma, etc.

    Here, as author and an escapee of persecution, “I would like to ask the respective Permanent Representatives of Burma and India to United Nations Office at Geneva, Maung Wai and Ajit Kumar— can you firmly assert that the Rohingya people from western Burma do not face any kind of state-sanctioned discrimination even in movement from Arakan state to any other parts of Burma  and where have you observed that the Burmese government has taken necessary measurements to restoration Law and Order while the genocidal administration of  master genocidist  president Thein Sein confined Rohingya IDPs in wired ghettos  where the Rohingya IDPs reiteratively demand authorities to re-locate to their original places from where they were displaced and, instead of re-location to IDPs, the authorities finally launched a forced ethnicity registration for Rohingya as Bengali aiming at  protection of upcoming charges on genocide and human rights violations?”

    It is well noticed that the withdrawal of Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations Office at Geneva, Ajit Kumar, from the resolution passed by UNHRC concerning Rohingya rights violation and mass atrocities against  Muslims and other ethnic minorities is to protect the major infrastructures worth multi-billion dollars which are being built by leading Indian companies in Arakan.

    The falsified statement made by Ajit Kumar against the resolution of UNHRC on human rights violation of Rohingya, other ethnic Muslims and other minorities, the government of Myanmar has taken steps towards restoration Law and Order in Arakan state, is appeared that India endorses Rohingya genocide and gross human rights violations against minorities in Burma. Thus, UNHRC should demand Indian government to apology for falsified statement of Ajit Kumar and/or act against the permanent Membership of India to the United Nations office at Geneva according to UN charter.

    Another Rohingya human rights activist and founder of Burma Times, Mohamed Ibrahim, stated that the “denial ” is the final stage that follows genocide.  “The denial of Rohingya existence in western Burma by President Thein Sein and his genocidal administration”  indicates that they perpetuate genocide on Rohingya. So, it is an obligation for UN rights body to immediately  interfere in Burma to protect the Rohingya from “almost extinction” and other minorities including other ethnic Muslims from further persecutions.

    According to UN’s 3rd  pillar, “The Responsibility to Protect” that reads  “The international community has a responsibility to use appropriate diplomatic, humanitarian and other means to protect populations from these crimes. If a State is manifestly failing to protect its populations, the international community must be prepared to take collective action to protect populations, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.”, it is evidently observed that Burma deliberately failed to protect its population including Rohingya from genocide and mass atrocities.

    Based on UN’s 3rd pillar, the responsibility to protect, the international community is obliged to forcibly  interfere in Burma to prevent Rohingya genocide and mass atrocities against ethnic minorities including other ethnic minorities without anymore diplomacy because some powerful countries will collectively oppose UNHRC’s forcibly interference in Burma aiming at protection of their  contract of major infrastructures worth multi-billion dollars.

    International community should beware that the  miscarriage of UN to protect Rohingya from ongoing genocide in Arakan state might create next page  of Rwanda genocide as Rohingya Genocide  at UN.