Malaysia To Participate In Second Universal Periodic Review On Thursday

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 22 (Bernama) — Malaysia is scheduled to participate in its Second Universal Periodic Review (UPR) this Thursday, at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

In a statement Tuesday, the foreign ministry said the UPR was one of the most innovative mechanisms under the UN Human Rights Council, providing space for engagement and dialogue on the human rights situation in every UN member state.

To date, all 193 UN member states, including Malaysia, have participated in the first UPR cycle from the period of 2008-2011.

“Malaysia’s participation in its Second UPR reflects the government’s commitment to continue improving the human rights situation in the country, and demonstrates its openness to engage with other UN member states in a frank and meaningful exchange of views,” said the statement.

The Malaysian delegation will be led by the ministry’s deputy secretary-general of multilateral affairs, Datuk Ho May Yong, and comprise senior government officials from the federal and state-levels.

The statement said Malaysia had successfully accomplished its inaugural UPR on February 11, 2009, and the country had accepted 62 recommendations addressed by other UN member states.

“Among the recommendations accepted by the government were on issues such as improving access to education for rural and poor children; improving access to healthcare for rural and indigenous communities; improving access to adequate housing and adequate standard of living; and measures to improve human rights situation of migrants, refugees and victims of human trafficking.

“By accepting the 62 recommendations, the government has made a commitment to voluntarily implement them. In this regard, the Malaysian delegation will, among others, present updates on the implementation of those recommendations during the upcoming UPR on Oct 24,” it said.

It said the government believed that the UPR process was a positive and constructive mechanism, allowing for a substantive exchange of views aimed at improving the human rights situation in the country.

“In this regard, the government wishes to reaffirm the importance it attaches to the UPR, and it looks forward to participate in the exercise with a view to further improve the human rights situation in Malaysia,” added the statement.