At least 30 Cambodians shot dead by Thai soldiers last year: ADHOC

PHNOM PENH – The Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association (ADHOC) said that at least 30 Cambodian people were shot dead by Thai soldiers last year.
Speaking Tuesday at a news conference, Chuon Chamrong, head of ADHOC's women and children section, said those people were shot dead while they illegally crossed the border to find jobs and cut down trees in Thailand.
ADHOC said that it received complaints involving 200 cases of human rights abuses, and trafficking and abuse of migrant workers in 2013.
Among 560 victims, 200 Cambodian migrant workers were abused in Thailand.
ADHOC cooperated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Ministry of Interior to rescue and repatriated 164 victims.
It also urged the Cambodian government and officials at the Cambodian Embassies in foreign countries to be more aware and pay more attention to the Cambodians who work in Thailand.